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Brand Name - Gormiti


Gormiti is a toy property based primarily on mini figures in an animated action based series.

When an ancient threat resurfaces, inexperienced young princescoming from the regions of the devided Island of Gorm - Air, FOrest, Earth and Sea - will have to learn to master the forces of nature and, guided by the venerable old sage, the princes will be able to transform into the greatest heroes of their reigns: the Invincible Lords of Nature!

The powerful Lords will also be able to awake and summon numerous "lost" Gormiti - each endowed with incredible powers! The key of these powers in found in ancient magical crystals called Gorm Stones. These fragments were once a part of a larger whole, a crystal called Heart of Gorm, destroed during an epic battle between the heroes of Gorm and Magor, lord of the Volcano people. The fragments of Gorm Stones were scattered and hidden, seperated by enormous real walls. Their sudden reappearance doesn't go unnoticed by the forcces of Good and Evil within Gorm.
The Young Princes will have to defend their Gorm Stones from the reborn Magor, the Evil foe of good heroes an enemy ready to reclaim his power in this modern era!

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