Super Wubble Bubble Ball

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Wubble Bubble
Details (Description): 

What makes the Super Wubble Bubble Ball so special? It's made from revolutionary, near indestructible, lightweight material called Xpandium.

It’s squishy, squashy, super soft and lightweight and allows it to be inflated to a gigantic three feet tall! You can have your very own Super Wubble Bubble Ball ready for play in a matter of minutes. Use the battery-operated air pump to inflate your Wubble Bubble Ball in just two minutes. After you’re done jumping, throwing, squishing and kicking, simply deflate your bubble ball with the deflation tool and store it for next time.

The best part is that the Wubble is fun to play with indoors or outdoors, all year round. You can use it as a giant soccer ball, tennis or even beach volleyball. Who would have thought that a simple ball could be so much fun? Now grab your Super Wubble Bubble Ball, blow it up and go have a blast!