Our Values


We are committed to transparency towards our customers, suppliers, partners and employees. We believe that honesty, clarity, and business ethics are vital in everything we do. We ensure that commitments towards our retailers and end consumers are fulfilled. Accountability is key to our success.

We adhere to the highest standards in quality, service and business practices.

We care about the well-being and safety of our customers, children, employees, communities and the planet. We contribute positively to our community by adopting environment-friendly policies, supporting charities and sponsoring events that we believe will have a positive impact on children. We give back to our communities by drawing smiles on children’s faces wherever and whoever they are in the GCC.

We invest in our people, as they are our most valuable assets. We attract and recruit people with passion for success and achievement. We embrace cultural diversity and equality and support women at work, and make sure that people enjoy working with us, because they are appreciated, well compensated and empowered.

We value our network of partners, suppliers and retailers. We grow and succeed together, and offer our full support and expertise. We do our best to retain a fruitful, satisfying and long-term relationships with all our partners.

We are leaders in our industry, leading the way in setting playing trends and developing brands in the GCC. Our employees are leaders in their positions and are focused on achieving the vision, exceeding expectations and making a difference.