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Baby Born Storybook Cottage

Brand:Baby Born
Product Details
Item Number:833803
Age: 3+
Supplier:Zapf Creation
A playhouse for those who live in a storybook world. Opening the flower-shaped house reveals a wonderful fairy home, with so many play ideas and accessories. The living room is equipped with a table and a fireplace. A swing hangs from the ceiling of the playroom. The box on the wall is the ideal place to store a magic wand, for example, as you play on the swing. All of storybook land can hear when someone is dreamily swinging back and forth in the blossom house, as the flower bell attached to the top of the swing chimes. A telescope can be attached to the railing of the first roof terrace. It is the perfect place to keep an eye on the next story and look out for magical friends. After their adventures, the inhabitants of storybook land can relax on the lounge seat on the second roof terrace. The handle in the shape of giant grasses provides plenty of shade – as well as an easy way to carry the little house from A to B when closed.
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