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Baby Born Storybook Fairies

Brand:Baby Born
Product Details
Item Number:833780
Age: 3+
Supplier:Zapf Creation
"Welcome to the amazing world of Baby Born Storybook! At 18cm, the Storybook Fairies are only small but they sure do have a story to tell – and your child’s imagination will make it even more fantastical! Each fairy is dressed in a gorgeous dress with a tutu skirt and has magical face art that’s revealed in sunlight! Each fairy also has a magic wand that makes her Fairy wings really flutter when it’s swished across her tummy! To bring the Storybook world to life, each doll comes with a picture booklet, double-sided backdrop and stand with lights, setting the stage for the best fairy adventure – all according to your child’s imagination! BABY born Storybook Fairies have been designed to encourage imagination and creative play in children aged three and above."
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