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Boldcube Deluxe 2 Wheel Scooters

Product Details
Item Number:BC-K2WS-FC
Age: 6+
"Compact, sporty & lightweight, the Boldcube Deluxe 2 Wheel Scooters are ready to handle any rider who’s already conquered their confidence with balancing. A practical alternative to cycling, the Deluxe 2 wheelers steer like a bike but are conveniently foldable and ultra compact, so getting active couldn’t be easier! Their super lightweight frames and chopper style handlebars allow for ultimate agility and precision when taking pavements or parks. Whilst being easy to carry home as the handlebar grips and scooter fold down in seconds. Smooth anodised finish frame that shines in the sun, but is resistant to fading and rusting. Precise steering handlebars makes steering & control an easy experience for riders, allowing riders to focus on developing their body coordination and balance. Easy folding & portability, fold down the handlebar and hand grips without any complicated mechanisms to get you from park to car in seconds. Height adjustable stem, at 4 levels and fitted with a clamp for every height in between. Tough gripped deck, for extra control whilst riding and customisable when you fancy a change of look. Bike Experience without the hassle, kids can enjoy an active lifestyle without parents' hassle of a heavy large bike to carry & transport. All the benefits of biking but a fraction of the weight & size."
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