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Fashion Time Crystal Magic Clear Pendant

Product Details
Item Number:DTT-12429
Age: 8+
Supplier:Diamant Toys
Introducing the Fashion Time Crystal Magic Clear Pendant, a delightful DIY kit that brings out your creativity and style. With this kit, you can effortlessly create beautiful, trendy, and classic pendants from transparent crystal glue. The process is simple: just mix two ingredients, pour them into a mold, and add a touch of glitter for that extra sparkle. Once set, you'll have a collection of clear pendants ready to be hung on your own fashionable chain. Each set includes enough materials to make 6 stunning pendants, ensuring you have plenty of options to match your outfits or share with friends. Unleash your inner artist and adorn yourself with these unique, handcrafted accessories that reflect your personal flair and fashion-forward attitude.
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