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Miniverse Make It Mini Kitchen

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Item Number:591832
Age: 8+
When it comes to the trending food culture space, MGA is whipping up something new. Meet MGA’s Miniverse Make It Mini Kitchen playset where you can create & store all your creations. Miniverse is the only mini collectible that you can PREP, SET & DISPLAY. Each Mini Kitchen playset comes with realistic mini ""ingredients"" and kitchen accessories to make your own mini replicas of your favorite snacks and desserts! The playset includes an oven, refrigerator, countertop, and shelves. Comes with 2 Bonus Recipes, mystery ingredients, plus 2 Exclusive mini oven mitts that can only be found with this Mini Kitchen playset. The perfect set to prep, play and display your mini creations. Use the countertop to make your special mini dish or mini drink. Follow the ""recipe"" card included to prep your mini. Once you've finished creating your mini, set your creation in the oven with working UV Light to harden, revealing a realistic, mini replica culinary creation. Once it's set, you've got a collectible ready for display! Now you can display all your mini foods and accessories in the Make It Mini Kitchen! The fun doesn't stop there! You can customize your kitchen backsplash or shelves to display all your finished replicas. DISCLAIMER: Ingredients are NOT edible.
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