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Toy Triangle

Tooky Toy Dentist Set

Brand:Tooky Toy
Product Details
Item Number:TH164
Age: 3+
Supplier:Tooky Toy
  1. High Quality Material, with a sturdy and durable structure, a smooth surface without burrs, and a rounded edge design, providing a safe environment for children to play.
  2. 19 PCS Accessories for Dentist Role Play including gum molds, drill bits, extraction forceps, dental mirrors, syringes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, 8 teeth and 3 decayed teeth. Easy to storage and carry with a bag.
  3. Develop children’s expression skills, problem-solving skills, social skills and self-confidence. Exercise their hands-on skills and fine motor skills. Stimulate creativity and imagination, and benefit children’s brains Development.
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